Why Join Bootcamp?

Why Join Bootcamp?

Flex those stomach muscles. Keep your shoulders pinned back, head straight and eyes on the prize.

Get ready to up the ante. No, you are not joining the army. You are being introduced to the wonderful world of Bootcamp.

One of the greatest ways to take your fitness program up a notch, Bootcamp can provide an intensive, highly dynamic environment that will get your body into the best shape possible.

One of the biggest obstacles and one of the most important events faced by those enrolling into the army is boot- camp.

It is during this period that both men and women develop such skills as working in a team, co-operation, the values of hard work whilst training their bodies to withstand the harshest of climates, navigating the most difficult terrains, whilst overcoming unforseen challenges and obstacles. This is what creates solid, strong soldiers.

While becoming fit as a soldier in the army may not be your ultimate goal, or may seem nearly impossible at this point in your fitness journey, boot camp may still very well be the answer for you.

Reasons for joining in on a Bootcamp include:

  • Motivation – while you may have difficulty keeping to a fitness routine, or slack off because no one else is depending on you, being a part of a team can give you the motivation that you need.
    When the prospects of letting down a team mate are based on you individually not pulling your weight, you may find yourself working twice as hard than usual. Having others working just as hard to ensure you do well as a team can continue to propel you forward.
  • Teamwork – working within a team environment, or forming part of a team can assist in developing team building skills that can assist you both at bootcamp and also in other areas of your life such as in the work place or in your personal life.
  • Intense Workout – you may feel as though you have your routine down pat in the gym and that it works for you, most often though, it does not push you to the brink of your capabilities. When was the last time you pushed yourself to the point of wanting to give up, and kept going? The workouts that we plan for ourselves are most often what we are comfortable with doing, but not what will actually challenge us sufficiently. Bootcamp pushes you past that zone and then a bit further.
  • Customised Workouts – working with a personal trainer on a daily basis can add up, not to mention – it can also be difficult to commit to every session due to being time poor. When attending Bootcamp, you will work in small groups that offer tailored workouts to keep you (and others) working at an optimum rate, with others who are at a similar fitness level as you.
  • Faster Results – Doing the same workout day in and day out can be de-motivating. You can lose interest (become extremely bored) with your workout routine, you may not see any results. These are some of the biggest reasons people give up altogether on working out. If you need something to kick start your routine – Bootcamp can give your workout an injection of adrenaline.

Whatever your fitness background, you can find something at Bootcamp that will drive your results even further!
Join others looking to improve their lives and their bodies through teamwork and plain, simple hard work. Get the results that you have been trying to receive for the longest time. Put your combat sneakers on, wipe that smile off your dial, and get stuck into bootcamp. Stand Attention!

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