Sports Club Training

Take your TEAM’s Training to the next level with multiple discipline classes tailored to your teams needs and state-of-the-art equipment at Fitness Forum Health Club.

Fitness Forum Health Club is part of a solution for Sporting Teams.

Fitness Forum Health Club at Green Valley provides the ultimate in TEAM and INDIVIDUAL sporting development for all ages. Fitness Forum offers sporting teams the best facilities, including the high performance functional training area, state-of-the-art fitness equipment and the support from our fitness professionals.

Fitness Forum can provide sporting teams with:

  • Fitness Assessments More and more coaches require data to assist them with the selection and motivation of players and to set standards/challenges for the team or individuals. Comprehensive sports-specific fitness assessment programs can be designed and implemented by qualified and professional staff.
  • High Performance Training Area Fitness Forum has a stand-alone high performance training area specifically designed to accommodate elite sporting teams. The area contains sleds, TRX Suspension training, plyometric boxes, slam balls, kettlebells, Swiss balls, a stretching area, an indoor Astroturf and a variety of conditioning equipment.
  • Specialised Classes For teams that are forced inside to train due to wet weather or for coaches seeking new challenges, Fitness Forum provides boxing, cycling, strength and conditioning, Stretching and injury prevention classes to re-energise and re-focus players.
  • Fitness Body Analysis Fitness Forum has adopted the ‘Tanita Healthy Edge’ software provides real time results. Simple, fast, accurate body composition measurements at your fingertips. Healthy Edge provides an in-depth tool to record and analyse weight and body composition data for athletes. When you step on the scale, body composition measurements are sent directly to your email or you may elect to have one printed. *Scans available for clients 18 years and over
  • Change Room Facilities Fitness Forum provides spacious well appointed men’s and women’s change rooms in hygienic surrounds. Individual showers, secure lockers and immaculately cleaned change rooms ensure privacy, security and health standards are met.Register your Sports Team’s details for more info.