Let’s be Frank.

Let’s be Frank.


Frank now, 2017

Frank, when he first started at FF in 2014

  We sat down and had a chat with FF long term member Frank, about how far he has come with his fitness as well as some solid tips about how he has stayed in shape for formals, schoolies, beach days, weddings and recently, his holiday to Europe!

FFHC: What were your goals when you initially started training? (and how long ago was that?)

FRANK: To get rid of negative energy / negativity in general and hang out with my friends at the gym.
I was 16 when I first started at the gym and it was just a bit of fun to start off with – I didn’t take it very seriously. Like most of the kids I was trying to improve my size for events like school formal, parties, beach days etc.
But, I’m now 22 and I still don’t take it seriously, the gym is a place I can just de-compress, de-stress.

FFHC: Have your fitness goals changed since starting?

2014 – First year training at Fitness Forum

FRANK: Your fitness goals change all the time according to the events in your life such as formal, holidays, weddings, birthdays etc. My holiday to Vegas was big motivation for me.

FFHC: Was it difficult to get going?

FRANK: After starting it was easy to keep going, as long as you don’t put too much pressure on yourself in your training. Have fun with it.

FFHC: How long did it take until you started seeing results?

FRANK: I saw results in the first few months, but then the results slowed down – I believe this is why people stop training a lot of the time.

FFHC: Did friends and family take notice before you did that your body had transformed?

FRANK: Yes, family was the first to notice! A lot of friends told me I looked a lot bigger in terms of size. I was like 50kg ringing wet and now I weigh 100 kilos.

Frank in 2015, seeing some fast progress in the beginning.

FFHC: How did it feel?

FRANK: It’s a confidence booster, definitely. I wouldn’t say that the confidence from training is solely based on what others say / think. Your confidence shouldn’t just come from what others perceive to be ‘fit’ on social media. There is definitely a lot of pressure, a great deal of stress placed on young people in the pursuit for the perfect body. It’s pretty full on and its easy to be side tracked or feel down about yourself if you focus on it too much. Delete your social media.


FFHC: What was the most difficult stage in your training?

FRANK: Probably caring about what other people think. In actual fact, everyone is at the gym to better themselves, no one really takes notice of what others are doing, just what’s in front of them.

Frank in 2016, his advice: be patient, be consistent and don’t put pressure on yourself. Slow progress is better than NO progress.

FFHC: What obstacles did you face in terms of achieving your goals?

FRANK: Injuries, getting sick – yeah, these thinks make you de-motivated.

FFHC: How much muscle have you gained since starting?

FRANK: I have never had a body scan – I would be curious to know how much lean muscle I’ve built though. I was a s-m and now I’m an xl in clothes, that’s usually a good indicator.

FFHC: What is the most rewarding thing about training?

FRANK: Seeing how far you’ve come from where you’ve started and also helping my younger brother build his confidence in the gym.

FFHC: The most difficult thing since starting at 16 to now at 22?

FRANK: Definitely work. You get tired a lot quicker.

FFHC: Has becoming physically fitter improved your overall hap

piness? Why?

FRANK: Yes, but I’m always trying to aim higher and be better. The key to maintaining happiness is not to get too caught up on Instagram.

2017 – After 3 years of hard work, all the training has paid off. Well done Frank!

FFHC: What does a typical training regime look like for you?

FRANK: I work out 6 days a week. Not necessarily always at the gym. Sometimes I play sport like soccer of Oz tag instead of gym. But mainly weights, I find cardio to be boring.

FFHC: What does your daily diet consist of?

FRANK: I usually meal prep – I was so good for a while with meal prepping and macros, but you have got to work really hard at it to keep it interesting. Plus it can be time consuming, but I did see huge results from diet alone.

FFHC: And your favourite cheat meal?

FRANK: Devil’s Delight Pancakes from Pancakes on the Rocks 😊


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