High School Students – 2 Week Gym Induction

One quarter of Australian Children are overweight or obese
– Australian Bureau of Statistics

Studies have shown that once children become obese they are more likely to stay obese into adulthood and have an increased risk of developing diseases associated with obesity (AIHW 2004).

That’s why we are making a stand. As part of our Community Health Initiative, we have designed a two week High School Student Induction to educate and establish a fundamental understanding of the importance of fitness and health in our youth.

Not only are we offering a 2 week gym membership including unlimited group classes, we are also offering students the unique opportunity to become familiar with the gym environment and equipment in a way which will serve them for years to come. With 4 tailored training sessions, your children will be given all the tools neccessary to live a healthy and happy life.

Register your child today, and give them the best start in life!