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Healthy employees means a healthy business which is why companies both big and small are now investing in the health and wellbeing of the people that keep their businesses moving forward with a corporate fitness programs to increase their bottom line.

Get an edge over the competition with … healthier employees.

Studies have shown corporate fitness programs have dramatically reduced absenteeism, health care costs and has increased productivity levels amongst employees.

Benefits for the Individual, Benefits for your Company!

Australia is now one of the most obese countries in the world, with more and more people struggling to find the time to exercise in their daily routine, the crisis is set to worsen before it improves.

This is why our fast-paced, convinient, physically challenging, fun corporate Bootcamps are a fantastic solution!

With the help of our friendly team, each weekly session will have your employees feeling health and fit, motivated and full of energy to take on any task they are assigned

Our Personal Trainers have a great understanding about various corporate needs and can create a custoimised fitness program each week that will be specific to the work your employees carry out providing you with a fitness program that is both cost effective and effective for workplace productivity.

Other Services FFHC Corporate Bootcamp Team can offer Include…

bullet1  12 Week-Body Transformation Challenges.

bullet1  Corporate bootcamps.

bullet1  Health and fitness assessments.

bullet1  Team building fitness and wellbeing Seminars.

Check out some of the results our corporate clients are getting…

Friday afternoon Corporate Boot Camp has been incredibly beneficial to my wellbeing. I returned to work this year after my second round of maternity leave. When I began the year I felt unhappy with my body, unfit and unmotivated. David our trainer, together with the catered boot camp exercises he designs for us each week, has played a key role in changing my mindset. I am now more motivated to work harder each week, getting stronger, fitter and overall happier which means I am beginning to reach my personal fitness goals.

On a professional level, Corporate Boot Camp has been a wonderful opportunity to train with colleagues, building professional relationships in a fun and non-threatening environment. We motivate each other to push through the burn and fatigue when it kicks in, we laugh with each other making each one feel comfortable even when the challenge seems too much. Under David’s guidance, with his professional advice on technique and his motivational spirit, we work together to push through even the most difficult tasks. Somehow, as a team, we always seem to smile at the end!

It is undeniably convenient to be able to train together in our own workplace. I am so grateful for the opportunity and always look forward to Friday afternoon Boot Camp with David and the JB team! 



I have always struggled with my weight and lacked in self confidence. However, since starting boot camp with David I have seen a huge increase in my fitness, health, strength and overall happiness. 

Through participating in group boot camp sessions I have had the opportunity to support my colleagues and have them support me. Within the group situation many of us have overcome challenges and hardships we face, motivating each other to achieve our full potential. In cheering each other on or in keeping a good sense of humour we always leave with a smile on our faces and a sense of pride in completing the session. 

David has been pivotal in keeping team moral and ensuring we are all working to our personal strengths and fitness levels. Each session is unique and different so the sessions never feel repetitive or boring. With David’s support we have learnt to expect the unexpected and have fun with exercise. What might seem like an impossible challenge or task will quickly turn into an achievement. 

Personally through completing boot camp I have seen a significant improvement in my consistency in technique, endurance and agility. I thoroughly enjoy the outdoor sessions and look forward to boot camp each and every week. I feel more confident and stand taller and stronger with each session.  



Friday afternoon Corporate Boot Camp has made a positive difference to my physical and mental health. It’s been a great way to release tension at the end of the week and bond with colleagues. I always feel happier at the end of a session and stronger too! I’ve noticed my flexibility has improved since commencing the program, and I am also able to run longer distances and lift heavier weights. I’m grateful for the opportunity to participate in a tailored exercise program under the guidance of David, conveniently located at my workplace.  I always look forward to Friday afternoon Boot Camp!

The FFHC Corporate Boot Camp Program Will Help Your Company…

bullet1  Decrease sick days.

bullet1  Increase  productivity.

bullet1  Improve the focus and energy levels of your team.

bullet1  Reduce amount of workers compensation claims and medical costs.

bullet1  Improve teamwork.

bullet1  Happier, healthier employees who enjoy and value their job.

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